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PWMS Fifth Grade

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Hello Everyone

We are excited to have the opportunity to spend the year with your child.  We are especially looking forward to learning right along with your child!  In order to help with that, we've created this wiki, which includes many sites that the students may use at home, in school, or anywhere they can access the internet!  Email us if you have any questions or find any cool sites to add!


Clarity Survey May 2016


2016 Minnesota Student Survey


Ms. ColletteMr. ChristensonMr. BelkaMr. Jordahl


Study Island


Ren Place- https://hosted133.renlearn.com/164306/default.aspx


PWMS Fifth Grade Math


PWMS Fifth Grade Language Arts


PWMS Fifth Grade Science Social Studies


Great Collection of many helpful sites




Internet 4 Classrooms



South Washington County- Minnesota



MCA Test Specifications



Here is a great site that will prepare your child for the MCA tests




Bookmarks for Education


 Cooking For Kids










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