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PWMS Fifth Grade Language Arts

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Spelling City



Fact/Opinion Activities






Helpful Hints for studying vocabulary words-


1. Written Repetition - copy the word and/or its definition a number of times on paper.

2. Oral Repetition - Read the word and its definition aloud a number of times.

3. Art - Draw a picture next to the word.

4. Visualization - Imagine an image with the word or first letter.

5. Association - Make up a story about the word(s), or associate an idea or a part of the word with it's meaning.

6. Dramatization - Act out the word physically.

7. Word Parts - Use prefix and suffixes to help id the meaning ofthe word.

8. Music - Write a rap or song about it.

9. Computers - Type the word and its definition into a computer.

10.  Study and quiz each other as partners.


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